Republican Hispanic organization schedules rally to support freedom fighters in Cuba Sunday

Press Release

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. —  Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Georgia (RNHAG)  is partnering with Ozzy Llanes, owner of Cubanos ATL restaurant located in Sandy Springs, GA to hold a SOSCuba Viva Cuba Libre Rally. We invite everyone to attend on Sunday, July 18th, 2021 @ 1pm to stand with us in solidarity for the freedom fighters In Cuba.

The treacherous regime has claimed many lives and has wiped out many generations of families over the span of 60 years. This regime must be stopped. No country has the right to deny basic human rights to its citizens. The crumbling infrastructure, the long lines for food and the inferior medical services highlights why we love The United States of America. The United States is a beacon of hope for the world as we have the best culture in the world. Please stand with us to show the Biden Administration that it is time to take action.

We will also be taking signatures for a petition to demand that the Biden Administration declare this a humanitarian crisis providing basic medical services and essentials to the Cubans. We also implore the Biden Administration to demand that President Miguel Diaz-Canel end the communist regime and start diplomatic discussions to bring a quality of life to Cubans that include basic civil rights that emulate the United States and our constitution. It is time!

For more information; please contact Shera Hastings at 813-365-2294.


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