Public safety workers receive salary increase


FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — While many Democrat-run counties are still working to de-fund law enforcement and other public safety employees, Forsyth County has decided to in a different direction, awarding a salary increase of up to 16 percent.

With the Board of Commissioners’ passing of the FY 2023 budget on Aug. 18, certified public safety employees of the County’s E911 Department, Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office will receive a 4
percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) beginning Sept. 26, 2022. These employees are

County Manager Kevin Tanner

also eligible to receive a salary increase of up to 12 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

“Forsyth County is one the safest places to live and work in Georgia,” said County Manager Kevin Tanner. “This is only possible because of the dedication of our law enforcement, fire and 911 personnel.
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners values these employees and continues to do everything necessary to ensure that we can offer one of the most competitive pay and benefit packages in the

The salary increases are based on market salary information used to ensure new salary rates are competitive in the metro Atlanta market. With this increase, Forsyth County will provide one of the highest salaries in the state for public safety.

The County’s recruitment efforts go beyond public safety with other recent Board decisions to attract and retain talent County-wide.

“Forsyth County took another substantial step forward for all County employees by creating a student loan payback program, a tuition reimbursement program and increasing the County’s 401(k) retirement contribution to a maximum of 15 percent,” said Tanner.

Along with these initiatives, the adopted 2023 Budget allows for Forsyth County to conduct a comprehensive Market Salary Study which will include all personnel, including civilian employees who
currently work for a public safety department.

Below are statements from Forsyth County’s public safety leaders.

Sheriff Ron Freeman

Fire Chief Barry Head: “This new pay initiative is a welcome upgrade for the public safety professionals of Forsyth County and a clear indication of how seriously our Board of Commissioners takes their duty of providing for a safe community.

Sheriff Ron Freeman: “With the recent salary and compensation adjustments for the Deputy Sheriffs of Forsyth County, we are now poised to be among the best paid Sheriff’s Offices in Georgia. In light of the ever-competitive recruiting market of metro-Atlanta and the severe shortages seen nationwide in the law enforcement profession, these adjustments are putting FCSO back into a competitive position to find the best and brightest to serve Forsyth County.

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