South Forsyth Survives Thriller VS Harrison, Defeating The Hoyas 24-21

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South Forsyth Survives in Harrison

By Bobby Missos


The South Forsyth War Eagles began their streak of away games by traveling to Harrison to play the Hoyas. It was Homecoming night for the Hoyas as spirits were high, dresses were shining, and a Friday night for football made a great combination for an intense environment. As the energy was great off the field, Harrison fell short to South Forsyth 24-21.

The Hoyas started the game with the ball but not for long. Senior DT and highly rated 4-star, Nathan Efobi got immense pressure on QB, Brayan Ford, who forced a pass on the outside and was picked off by Hayden Mock. The second straight week the War Eagles opened the game with an interception. South started the possession at the Hoyas 25. After being stood up on all three plays, the War Eagles got on the board with a field goal by Tyler Simpson.

3-0 South Forsyth.

Harrison had a slow start on offense with another 3 and out, but swift return man Dash Moore took it back to Harrison’s 21 yd line. Whereupon, after feeding heavy-duty running back Maverick Schippmann, Ty Watkins threw a great lob to a sliding wide receiver, Dash Moore, for the touchdown.

10-0 War Eagles

Harrison receives the ball and starts their drives. After a series of tough catches and great plays, the Hoyas finally got on the board with JR. Wide Receiver Brady Kluse with a spectacular catch in the corner of the end zone.

10-7 South Forsyth

After both offenses went stagnant, Harrison finally put a drive together late in the second quarter. After some great reads and passes from QB, Brayan Ford throws a jump ball to the sideline of the endzone to his favorite target Brady Kluse who comes down with a beautiful toe tap.

14-10 Harrison

At the start of the second half, the War Eagles received the football. The Offense hasn’t been able to get anything going since they last scored. The dry spell continues as they are forced to punt again. Harrison started their drive with a couple of gains and first downs. That was until South’s defense came up extensively at midfield. WR Reggie Brigman catches the ball and gets ankle tackled while trying to fight through Senior LB Connor Futch comes from across the field jarring the ball loose. James Margiotta dives on it and South takes possession. After a couple of penalties, Ty Watkins delivers a perfect pooch punt which downs the Hoyas at the 4 yd line. The Hoyas offense goes nowhere and gives the ball back with another punt. The South Forsyth offense, who hasn’t been able to get anything going, began their attack. South’s backfield tanking through the Hoyas defense brings them down to Harrison’s 10 yd line. After being stood up first and second down Ty Watkins makes a miraculous play. The dual-threat QB rolls out right, throws a defender off of him, runs headfirst and barrels over two Hoyas for the War Eagle touchdown.

17-14 South Forsyth

South’s defense stops another Harrison drive and forces another punt a little beyond the 50. The War Eagle offense in the second half was simple. Win in the trenches. The soldiers who were blocking for the tank running back, Maverick Schippman, were Cooper Lowe, Bay Robinson, Josh Felton, Kristian Dawson, and John Dabbs. These guys did an impeccable job of holding their own. After some significant runs to get the team inside the 5, on third down Maverick Schippmann got wrapped in the backfield, broke off a tackle, and bullied his way into the endzone for the score.

24-14 War Eagles

With only 5 minutes left to go, it was now or never for the Hoyas. After going scoreless for so long they needed a drive. And that’s what wide receiver Brady Kluse delivered. After multiple empty and short passes, they finally get the break they were hoping for. Brady runs a curl on the 50 yd line, catches it, shrugs off a corner, and turns across the field for a 60 yd touchdown.

24-21 South Forsyth

South gets the ball at only 3:05 with only one job. To run the clock out. After a handful of carries, they punt away with only 35 seconds remaining. Harrison did not end up completing any miracles and the game ended 24-21 South Forsyth trumping Harrison.


I asked Senior OL Bay Robinson what made the team come out so run-heavy and dominant in the second half. He responded,” I think it was just seeing how well we were moving them on the line and we just went back to our roots. It helped to keep things simple.”

I met up with the Senior LB Jake Stine to ask how the defense was swarming around on defense and didn’t hold back on any hit. What made this type of energy come into the game today? “It’s the culture that South has always had. Every game, every practice, every play, you leave everything on the field.”

The War Eagles look to continue their win streak by traveling up to North Oconee where they’ll be playing the 1-0 Titans. Harrison, looking to bounce back after two consecutive losses, will be taking a trip to Paulding County.



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