Commissioners to discuss county-wide election of chairman at today’s meeting


FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — County Commission work sessions generally provide an opportunity for commissioners to discuss an issue of interest publicly prior to voting on them during a subsequent regular session, often following a public hearing.

The meetings allow citizens to be alerted as to how their elected officials view the issue before it is decided.

One issue of great interest that will be discussed at today’s 2 p.m. work session is how the Board of Commissioners Chairman will be chosen and how many commissioners will constitute a full Board in the future.

Currently Forsyth County’s Board is made up of five commissioners, each representing a geographic slice of the county including a chairman chosen by the Board of Commissioners. All five commissioners are expected to vote on each issue.

Today’s discussion will center on the possibility of adding a sixth commissioner with the chairman being elected in a county-wide vote. The issue appears far down on the list of agenda items, but it is of critical importance.

The issue will not be decided today. Following the discussion, commissioners may ask County Attorney Ken Jarrard to draft a resolution for the state delegation to create local legislation to be approved by the General Assembly. Once approved, the resolution would then return to the Board of Commissioners for a possible public hearing and final vote.




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